Coaching Program

Learn more about your garden from The Garden Patch Nursery owner and Master Gardener, Jeanine Gauen

Garden Coach Jeanine Gauen

Owner and Master Gardener Jeanine Gauen has been gardening for most of her life. Her coaching program continues to fill a void in the community. Whether you need assistance to develop a Do-It-Yourself project, need help developing a gardening plan, or want assistance with plant identification and care, you’ve come to the right place. Jeanine, a passionate and knowledgeable plant expert, can provide the help you need at a nominal cost. Jeanine will visit your site and, with your input, will help develop a plan that works for you. She’ll help you to identify the plants that you already have and provide instruction for optimum care and maintenance. Feel free to pick up one of her brochures at our store.

Reach out anytime for more information or to make an appointment by sending an email to or call our office at (828) 894-2200.