The Garden Patch


We provide a wide variety of healthy plants at attractive prices and we offer expert gardening advice with each sale from our knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We proudly serve Columbus, Tryon, Saluda and other areas in Polk County, North Carolina, as well as Landrum and our other communities in South Carolina.

The Story of

The Garden Patch

The Garden Patch Nursery has been in operation for over three decades in Columbus, North Carolina.  All of our plants are purchased from state-certified nursery suppliers located within our local gardening zone to ensure minimum plant shock in transition from the growers to our customers. 

Discover Our

GArden Center

Beautiful Plants

Beautiful plants

A variety of healthy indoor and outdoor plants


Soil, fertilizers & amendments


Tools, watering cans, hoses.

For the Birds

Bird feeders and bird seed and unusual decor

We Believe

Gardens Are Important

Plants and flowers are not only beautiful to see, but they provide a life source for local wildlife, birds, bees and butterflies.