“Plants For A Chance”

    “Plants For A Chance” Program Details – Win a $50 Gift Certificate


One two-part ticket will be awarded for each full $10 purchase, including tax.


Purchase less than $10 receives no ticket.

Purchase of $10-$19.99 receives 1 ticket

Purchase of $20 – $29.99 receives 2 tickets

One additional ticket for each additional full $10 purchase (Including sales tax).

There is no upper limit to the number of tickets which can be earned.**

Tickets are to be separated and the ‘Ticket’ portion deposited in the ‘Ticket Box’ near the cash register; the “Keep This Portion” to be retained by customer to claim prize.

** Tickets are awarded for the amount of Gift Certificates when purchased, not when redeemed.**

Drawing: – After closing on the last business day of each week (usually Saturday) one ticket will be drawn from the ‘Ticket Box’ as the winner. Unclaimed tickets will expire two weeks after their drawing and the expiration date will be posted along with the winning number. That posting will be on our website, on any newsletter we publish and in our store on our next business day.  Expired winning tickets have no value.

Redemption: – The “Keep This Coupon” portion imprinted with the winning number must be presented to claim the prize. The $50 gift certificate will be awarded instantly and is valid for 6 months. The certificate’s only value is for merchandise and has no cash value.

Program Duration: – The Garden Patch reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. If terminated, all eligible winning tickets and non-expired gift certificates will still be honored.